Best App To Watch Live Sports Free [2021]

Best App To Watch Live Sports Free

Best app to watch live sports free in 2021: Today free sports streaming app are a new phenomenon. Despite a busy schedule, modern people can now watch their favourite players play the game anywhere they want.

Free Sports streaming sites are web portals that allow you to watch your favorite sports matches.

With everybody having access to high-speed Internet connections, watching these gaming shows is easy for people rather than going to the stadium.

We find a list of the Best App To Watch Live Sports Free in 2021 where you can watch your favorite online sports matches.

Have we forgotten to say they’re safe too? Check out the best live sports streaming sites in 2021:

Best live sports streaming sites lists:

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Sony Liv Sports




Yahoo Sports


Hotstar Sports



Details of Best App To Watch Live Sports Free:

Today we are providing you Best App To Watch Live Sports Free around the world. Every site has its own uniqueness.

1. Sony ESPN

ESPN Sports- Best App To Watch Live Sports Free

This free streaming sports site is maintained by an official ESPN channel. The user interface is stunning and looks luxury. It’s one of the best streaming sports sites if you’re into sports in the USA.

This best football streaming site is also free of distracting commercials. It also has an official Android and iOS app for users, so if you’re stuck at the airport and want to watch some sports, you’ve got your pick!

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2. Laola1


Especially if you love watching your favourite online sports and reading sports-related news, then this website is for you. Live streaming can also be done on selected sports such as hockey, football, basketball and much more.

LAOLA1 provides free services, as well as paid services. Even though a streaming platform located in Australia, die-hard football fans can catch numerous games across the globe. So, you’re sure to remain linked to global sports regardless of where you are. Fantastic fun!

It has also an Official Android and iOS app for users. You can consider this LAOLA1 is to be the Best App To Watch Live Sports Free.

3. Stream2WatchTV


Stream2WatchTV is the biggest and also the most preferably the best live sports streaming site in 2021. You can watch the live stream of almost any sports event you might think of.

You will search all of the matches that are available to watch live on its homepage. Here you will get info like the name of the sport, the name of the team player, etc. You’ll get the content available in HD on this platform!

But this best streaming football site live by showing advertising so suggest you to unblock your Adblock before you enter the web. The material can be accessed or downloaded from several mirrors.

4. VIPLeague Sports


While the name sounds like you’ll need to put out some cash before watching the game, it’s actually one of the planet’s best free live sports streaming websites.

You can watch any of your favorite sports like [but not limited to] boxing, basketball, baseball, UFC, football, rugby and cricket with nothing but an internet connection. VIPLeague officially says that it is a place to have it all live and free!

5. Sony Liv Sports

Sony LIV Sports- Best App To Watch Live Sports Free

Comprising of both Freemium and Premium versions, Sony LIV provides you with the game regardless of your platform or geographic location. So you really don’t have to think about your busy life anymore today, because Sony LIV provides the HD experience of any sports game that shows around the world.

Now you can watch many sports games such as cricket, WWE, tennis, NBA, basketball, racing and so many more from the comfort of your home or office or even on a bus or train. Don’t allow your love for the game to steal from a busy schedule. Keep on living with Sony LIV!

Sony’s developed it’s Android and iOS apps as well. You can consider their app to be the Best App To Watch Live Sports Free.

6. Sportrar

sportrar- best live sports streaming sites

SportRAR helps die-hard football fans to watch live matches on the go, much like most free streaming sports sites. It sucks when there is a contest, and you’re away from your TV.

Along with other live free sports streaming sites, SportRAR helps close the gap by bringing the game to you. From football, basketball, judo, rugby, volleyball, hockey, baseball, handball and much more, you can watch any sport.

SportRAR assures you’ll never miss your favorite sport and players for a moment.

7. SteamWoop

StreamWoop is yet another fabulous best live sports streaming site. It takes the sports world to your home, workplace or anywhere else around the globe.

You will track sporting events here, including ice hockey, golf, baseball, basketball, tennis, and so much more.

StreamWoop makes keeping up to date easily without your TV. Think to stream online, just think StreamWoop.

8. Streamsports

streamsports- best live sports streaming sites

StreamSports is also one of the best live sports streaming site because it has lots of features in there. The website has variations like Live, Highlight, News, etc. and you can pick any of them to fits your needs.

Just like if you want to watch your favourite sport live for example, just click on the Live options and start watching online. You can also watch your favourite movies online, by choosing your favourite sports with their respective icons.

So just click on the category you like, and then start watching your favorite movies online.

9. Bosscast

Bosscast is also one of the best live sports streaming free site that allows you to watch almost every sporting event online. They also maintained a large database that includes not only popular sport shows but also sports such as football, soccer, golf, ice hockey, hockey, and horse racing as well.

They’ve also integrated a chat feature that allows you to chat with other users while watching your favorite sports event, unlike other sports streaming sites.

10. FootyBite

footybite- Best App To Watch Live Sports Free

Last but not least is a popular streaming sports website called FootyBite. This sports site has been designed especially for football fanatics. It includes all of the live matches, La Liga, Premier League, Serie-A and much more. You can watch past matches, as well as the French league 1.

Do not give yourself the agony of missing a match bite all day. As with other live streaming sports apps, Footybite also has an Android app for their users.

Do you want more live streaming sports sites to watch your favorite players play?

Then you can try these best live sports streaming also.

11. Yahoo Sports

yahoo sports

Yahoo! Sports is undoubtedly one of the go-to sites for free online sports streaming by sports lovers. Moreover, this site is widely known for delivering information on many categories of sports in real-time.

Yahoo! Sports helps you to experience uninterrupted hours of sporting moments in any system and in any geographical area-enabling the network. Take part in the thousands of Yahoo! Sports football fans every day!

Download the Best App To Watch Live Sports Free i.e. Yahoo! Sports Android and iOS app.

12. Hotstar Sports

Hotstar is also one of Star Indian Network’s best free sports streaming sites. It gives you the chance to watch live matches in every league that happens all over the world.

Interestingly enough you can watch all these sports streaming live without even subscribing. However, you can subscribe to its premium account which gives its users ad-free experience.

Besides sports, you can also enjoy free movies and TV shows. It has a very clean and simple interface, and the new UI speeds up the loading time so you can enjoy your sports with ease.

Hotstar is available on both the iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded free of charge. You can also consider the Hotstar App as the Best App To Watch Live Sports Free.

13. DAZN

Dazn is live sports streaming sites based on an English-language service focused on boxing and it is based on subscription. The sports channel offers on-demand coverage of games originating from various locations.

Dazn is now available in Austria, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, the USA, Spain, Italy, and Brazil. This has streaming rights to be shown on all major sporting events in Austria, Germany, Japan, Canada, and Switzerland.

On the DAZN you will enjoy UEFA, FIFA, La Liga, and other sporting events. This best live sports streaming site provide a free trial for 1 month which can be canceled at any time. DAZN is compatible with Smart TVs, Set-Top Boxes, Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, PCs, and Game6+ consoles.

Dazn is available in the Android and iOS app. Also, this is the Best App To Watch Live Sports Free almost anywhere in this world.

A final thought on Best App To Watch Live Sports Free

In Conclusion, we are happy to share the Top 13 Best App To Watch Live Sports Free for you. Hope you liked it very much. Due to these best live sports streaming apps, you can now watch any sports match happening across the globe from any place.

Now you don’t need a television set, cable, or subscription to watch your favorite sports.

The direct links we provide are completely legal and safe. If you have difficulty using any of the links provided, please let us know by contacting us.

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